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Unleash Your Power to Be Unstoppable

Unleash Your Power to Be Unstoppable

Join us for a great networking lunch and the chance to hear Erin Summ, speaker, coach and author, show you how to “Unleash Your Power to Be Unstoppable” in 2018.

Join us January 10 for great networking and an inspiring talk by Erin Summ. Her talk, “Unleash Your Power to Become Unstoppable,” will help you:

  • Identify and breakdown barriers to success
  • Learn how failure creates MORE success
  • Learn how to unleash the power to become the unstoppable creator of your life and business
  • Learn to stand confident in who you are

Erin is a sought-after speaker, Confidence Coach, author of “Stand Up and Shine 60-Day Confidence Discovery Journal” and contributing author of “Catch Your Star. ” Fueled by her passion to help others thrive, Erin helps even the most shy and introverted women entrepreneurs step out of fear and into confidence. Her talk is thought-provoking and packed with tools to get you started immediately, along with tips to establish a strong foundation of deep roots.